Reddit for entrepreneurs, marketers and start-ups. A Guide.

What is Reddit?

How can I use Reddit to promote my product or service?

Be cool (don’t be douchey):

Provide value:

Be part of the community:

Be open to criticism:

Listen to the community:

Ask the mods:

Pay for ads!

Warnings: Redditors are a smart crowd. They’re smarter and more internet capable than most audiences out there. They will see straight through any superficial or cheap marketing gimmicks / pitches or sales and will rip you apart.

Companies that successfully reached out to the reddit audience.

The Razer case study:

Note the approach:

We come in peace — we recognise we’re in potentially hostile ground

We recognise and appreciate this is your domain

We respect your opinion — this is why we came

What did Razer gain by approaching Redditors?

GuerrillaGorilla.CO is a creative agency & consultancy which helps companies better understand the internet and cut through the noise to target their audience.

Originally published at on September 18, 2019.

Studying the internet/ Analysing markets/ Guerrilla marketing in a digital age/ Consulting companies

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